Conférence proceedings

2014. Constellations at the intersection of public and private spaces, James Partaik and Luc Lévesque Conference proceedings, ISEA 2014, The 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art.


James Partaik à ISEA 2014

LOCATION/SPACE, Responsive Environments – On the Interrelation between Location, Atmosphere, and Digital Media, ISEA2014, with Peter Anders (Chair), Moderator: Christiane Heibach, Claude Fortin, Jan-Lewe Torpus, Andreas Simon, Scott Hessels, Gwenn-Aël Lynn, Ilze Black, James Partaik, Jan Torpus at Zayed University, Dubaï, UAE. Nov.2014


Concrete City - Hong Kong

An ultralight approach to urban interventions. ISEA 2016. Lundi, 16 May 2016. 10h à 17h30. PolyU V1310 III.